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All you need to know

The Babes are suitable for many different occasions and venues including corporate events, theatre shows, military functions, hotels, holiday centres, weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, theme parties, road shows, outdoor events, nightclubs, gay venues, bingo halls.
In fact the variety is endless.

The show itself is a fast paced and visually exciting performance of a selection of the greatest hits of Abba performed by two of the UK’s top vocalists.
The show is suitable for all ages and is designed for the audience to watch the performance or 'dance the night away’ to the fabulous The Babes sound.
Audience participation can be as much or as little as desired - if there is a budding Benny or Bjorn out there The Babes want to know!

Stunning costume changes using the The Babes Backdrop and imaginative choreography complete the performance.

The length of the show can be tailored to your requirements. Special requests can be accommodated by prior arrangement.
For example a surprise entrance is often popular at parties or a particular Abba hit could be performed at a wedding for the Bride and Groom’s first dance.
The Babes have even made an appearance on a Birthday Cake and performed upon a heart shaped stage designed as a box of chocolates!

The Babes always travel with their own road crew/sound/lighting technician.
A state of the art P.A. System (three different sizes are available) and an intelligent light show including special effects enables the The Babes show to be fully self-contained.

The staging of the equipment and volume of the show is at the discretion of the venue or booker in consultation with The Babes technical crew.
No venue is too large or too small as all equipment supplied for the performance can be adapted accordingly. Spare equipment is always carried in case of any eventualities.
All equipment is set up and sound checked prior to the start of the event and before arrival of guests wherever possible. Equipment is also set down with the maximum efficiency and minimum fuss.
The Babes have two other professional vocalists who may be called upon to perform in the show due to illness or unforeseen circumstances. Due to the nature of the act they are fully rehearsed to ensure that the The Babes show will always go on!

Public Liability Insurance is held (£5,000,000) and all electrical equipment is regularly checked and holds a Portable Appliance Test Certificate.

Booking well in advance is advisable to avoid disappointment.
All bookings are subject to The Babes’ Terms and Conditions sent with confirmation of an engagement.

And finally… for a truly memorable occasion contact The Babes now by clicking here!